QFish Banbury

40 Years in the Making

Jim has always been in the catering business. He started his journey living and working in London at several restaurants. He worked his way up from cleaning dishes, to managing restaurants pretty swiftly. It was obvious the industry was a natural environment for him.

He relocated to Coventry to marry his wife, Mary. It was there that his fish and chip career was born. He worked in his Uncles busy shop for 3 years, learning the ropes….from sourcing and selecting the freshest products, to fish prep, potato prep, perfecting frying temperatures, adjusting cooking times, hygiene and safety, managing staff, customer service skills….the list goes on but Jim got through it, plain sailing!

It was in 1978 when Jim and Mary saw an opportunity in Banbury. With everything he’d learnt, he felt this was a great opportunity for them to go solo and own their very own fish and chip shop.

So they took the plunge and opened Queensway Fish Saloon. It was an instant success! All the dedicated years of training and working hard gave them a giant stride in the right direction. Queensway’s reputation was born.

The hard work didn’t stop there. The shop started off with a two pan range and it was clear an extra pan was needed to keep up with demands. So installation of a 3rd pan was introduced in their 2nd year of trading, enabling them to step up and serve even more of the community.

After the first 20 years of hard grafting, their sons were introduced to the business. Everything Jim and Mary had learnt was now being taught to them. They both grasped it quickly and Jim’s heavy workload was shared out. Jim’s frantic pace slowed down as the boys tapered their skills and began their journeys in the trade. The business continued to grow with several other chippies popping up in town.

Competition was relentless but Queensway’s quality prevailed and over the years the business stayed strong and solid, delivering consistent quality food.

James Christoforou

To this present day the business has expanded for the first time, following the rapid growth in Banbury. The new site situated on the Cherwell Heights estate, Chatsworth Drive, is now in its third year of trading and starts to gain momentum. Jim chooses to still come in and play an active role but in a much more relaxed manner. He can now step back and be confident the business is in good hands as Andrew and Peter take the reins. They look forward to an exciting future with the help of their two managers Daniel and Mark as they focus on producing Banbury’s finest fish and chips…..for at least another 40 years!

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