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Our Fish

We believe that any great meal must always begin with the right ingredients. So our fish is something we’re very passionate about. Over the years we’ve put a lot of effort into finding out what is best for our customers. So what have we learnt?
Firstly sustainability is the most important factor we look at. If it’s not caught from a certified sustainable trace then we don’t go near it. Without sustainability there is ultimately severe danger of our fish stocks vanishing and consequently the Traditional Fish and Chip supper coming to an end. None of the above is what any of us want so please have peace of mind that every piece of fish that is consumed from any of our shops ARE and WILL ALWAYS be certified sustainable fish. It’s the only way forward!
Fresh Fish

Wet fish or frozen?

So overtime the majority of the fish cooked up at QFish has been wet fish. Wet fish is fish that has been caught at sea, chilled on ice, till its arrival to land and then filleted and sorted ready for delivery.

Frozen fish on the other hand is caught at sea, filleted at sea and then frozen at sea. Instantly ready for delivery when the boats come in. Both products deliver high standards and cook up great meals. From our experience though we feel WET fish just pips it. The taste and texture is that little more charming on the pallet which we feel guides our customer to favouring it.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t fry with Frozen. Frozen fish has its many advantages too.

For example, Cod annually spawns in late winter and this is a period when we like to let them get on with their business. Frozen is a great alternative to let us continue with our trade and also let the fish have some fun. Another example is when the fish markets close. This means we don’t have to follow in suit and keep our shops open… 52 weeks of the year!

Which fish markets?

Grimsby fish market is recognised as being one of those most important fish markets, not just in the UK, but also in Europe. That’s why we choose is it as our port of call! Its dominant supply of fresh fish is landed mainly from Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Islands.

UK and local vessels also add to the abundant selection on offer. The selection is immense. Only certified sustainable fish is traded within the markets and we receive deliveries four times a week. To think that Banbury is closely located to the centre of England, far away from any coasts, makes us feel extremely grateful when our fish arrives to the door.
Cutting Fish
Fresh Fish

Cod or haddock?

Well firstly we can firmly say that the majority of customers love Cod. It’s quite strange but in the UK our favoured preference of fish is extremely territorial….I suppose it’s what you’ve been brought up on!

In the midlands, everyone loves Cod. Once you start heading north of Birmingham, its all Haddock. Then if you head towards London and its neighbouring counties the switch to Rock Salmon and Skate is highly evident. It’s interesting to see how all of us Brits have different taste buds demanding our preferred fish supper.

We are creatures of habit but at QFish, we say don’t knock till you try it! Both our Cod and Haddock are of outstanding quality and freshness, so why not give a Haddock a go one night? Or maybe a lovely bit of Plaice?

Go on, take advantage of the selection of Fish that we have to offer and try something different….You won’t be disappointed!
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