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Our Oils


We choose the very best

Near enough all Fish and Chip shops go on about how good their potatoes are or where they’re sourced from, or how good their fish is and so on… GREAT and so they should. But most shops DONT particularly talk about their Oils.

We don’t shy away from that. We fry and that means cooking with oils. This to us is just as important as any other ingredient on the menu. That’s why we choose the very best…FRYMAX™

Frymax™ is the leading all vegetable frying fat for the fish frying trade with an enviable reputation for quality and consistency built over 60 years. Frymax™ is an additive free, longer lasting product delivering perfect performance time after time.

We like to give you more

Frymax™ is produced using the finest refined and deodorised oils which are subject to a series of strict analytical tests ensuring that it is of the highest quality and adheres to tight specifications.

The raw materials used in Frymax™ are fully sustainable and have been certified to come from Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)-certified production units.

Frymax™ contains no hydrogenated oils and has less than one percent trans fatty acids. It is non GM and does not contain any allergens.

On top of using the right oil, we like to give you more by filtering our oils, twice, daily and change them weekly. That’s how we do it.
Our Oils
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