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Our Potatoes

Our potatoes have always come from the same supplier from day one. You simply cannot get better… Mitchells potatoes!

The Mitchell Family have been involved with the growing and marketing of chipping potatoes for generations and these years of experience have led them to be the leading wholesalers in the country!

They cover most regions in the country and every region has its own preference, so their varieties are immense. These include, Agria, Caberet, Challenger, Fontane, Markies, Maris Piper, and the new and up and coming Ramos.

So once we receive our delivery of selected potatoes the prep work begins. We peel all spuds in our rumblers, then sort through them by hand, making sure they’re all clean and tidy ready for chipping. Once chipped they’re left to soak, then drained off ready for frying.

Our chips are obviously not processed. They come from British gown potatoes and that’s it… No other ingredients needed.
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Every potato has its own story. The field it was planted in, the soils and nutrients within that field, the hours of sunlight they were exposed to, the weather when harvesting and their differences go on. So many variants play a part in the beauty of nature, hence why we embrace that you never really get the same potato every time.

To produce a perfect chip is a difficult task, as firstly everyone has a different preference on exactly what that is. Some people love soggy chips, the ones that stick to the paper. Others like the crispy chip that have a good crunch to them but yet have that fluffiness in the middle. Others like the dry firmer chip that generally has a stronger potato flavour. The list goes on and on.

What we’ve realised is that what may be perfect for one customer may not be perfect for the other. But have no fear, through our dedicated years of experienced we’ve learnt what you guys generally love and what potatoes to fry up throughout the different months of the year to ensure, that our customers are forever looking forward to their next portion.

Enjoy your chips and remember their simple natural ingredient…The humble British Spud!
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